Software Development and DevOps

LikeFury can get your next software project off the ground using the latest tools kits and processes to get your minimum viable product (MVP) up and running as fast as possible. With a strong DevOps backing we can iterate quickly and deploy often with no down time.

AWS Infrastructure

We specialize in automatic scalable infrastructure using the latest AWS cloud services to meet our clients’ requirements. Our engineers can migrate your current application to a container-based setup with no down time deployments and redundancy across regions and availability zones.

Take advantage of modern DevOps techniques to speed up the value you deliver to your customers by automatically triggering deployments on code commits or merges. No down time deployments allow hot fixes and features to reach your users at a faster rate and on a continuous basis.

Programming and Development

We utilize the latest frameworks and methodologies to deliver custom software projects across Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android or iOS systems. By coding once and then deploying to multiple devices we cut down on time and cost while delivering value to end users. By combining our software development experience with our DevOps we can deliver scalable and redundant applications across the world.

From planning, developing, deploying and operating our team will work with you throughout the entire software lifecycle. While we operate in New Zealand we take jobs from anywhere in the world.

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate programmers, network engineers, mobile app developers and technologists with a broad range of experience from the dial up internet days to web 2.0 responsive applications. From racking servers in data centres through server administration and to the end user experience our experience is deep and broad.

Throughout our careers we have always prioritised the end user experience and giving the user more value with our projects.