Startup Software Development

Do you have a great idea for a startup and need a minimum viable product (MVP) to get you off the ground? Having completed several MVPs, we can get you off the ground with infrastructure and code to meet your requirements.

Software Development

Our software engineers have extensive experience with developing MVP projects and meeting the business requirements. We leverage a range of toolkits that allow us to code once and deploy across multiple environments, which saves time by utilizing our toolkit’s features.

Making use of frameworks and toolkits cuts down on development time and can get your product to market sooner. Modern toolkits make use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript which allows developers to share code across the website, desktop application and phone apps.

PHP Laravel for Backend Logic

We have developed many projects utilizing PHP with the Laravel framework. Laravel is a fully featured framework with pre built packages that can be used with AWS auto scaling features and extensive third party integrations such as AWS SDK, Google SDK, Microsoft / Azure SDK etc. When deployed on AWS we have the know-how to scale Laravel applications to meet customer demand.

Desktop Applications using Electron

Easily deploy desktop applications to Windows, Mac OS and Linux using the Electron toolkit. Its in use by Slack, WhatsApp and Twitch to name a few. By using HTML, CSS and JavaScript we can use parts of your existing front-end code to reduce development costs.

Mobile Application using Cordova

Cordova provides a means to write code once and deploy to Android and iOS at the same time while making use of your existing front-end code and logic. Using this technology allows faster development and the ability to create apps without needing a dedicated Android or iOS developer.

Managing infrastructure

If it’s a simple VPS or an auto scaling AWS infrastructure, we can manage the infrastructure of your project and employ modern practices to speed up development and feature delivery.

Auto Scaling Infrastructure

Using AWS services we can implement an auto scaling solution into your project, to ramp up when new users arrive and then scale back when they call it a day.

CI / CD Pipelines

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines are an extremely powerful tool that allows development teams to quickly and easily deploy changes to production on a ongoing basis. Pipelines are set up to automatically run tests, create Docker images and then deploy to production without any downtime. Hot fixes and incremental feature releases can be done on a continuous basis and allows for value to be delivered to the customer continuously

Using UI toolkits to cut down on costs and time

By using UI toolkits that offer off the shelf functionality we can eliminate the design and front-end costs associated with a project. Toolkits such as Vuetify offer a complete material UI with all the elements you expect in a modern application with no HTML or CSS coding required. Using VueJS + Vuetify we can create front-ends that feel modern, fast and desktop like without designers and front-end developers saving cost and time.

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Project Showcase

Digital Road Sign Android App
The digital road sign has a speed detection radar mounted to the chassis and we wrote software to read the speed signal via a serial port and display a custom message when the configured speed threshold was exceeded. We also developed an Android application to configure the radar settings such as speed and what message to display, create and edit play lists with drag and drop interface as well as upload and manage images.
Android App Responsive Admin Panel